Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dozers Down

What a day! We just got home from our neighbors and we are all pooped
out. The day started with Dozer and the family going to Petsmart and
Petco. He did great in the car and in the store.

Then the neighbors called us to come over for dinner. After swimming
and taking a cruise in the boat we got Dozer and brought him over. I
took him down to the dock and he dove right in. Looks like we got a
water dog. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with us
off his leash with no problems at all. He was great around the other
dog and the kids but he does love licking cheetos off little girls

It was a great day and our new buddy did amazing.

1 comment:

maybek8e said...

He has got to be so happy to be with a real family and not in a cage. I love that you adopted him from a shelter. I can't wait to meet him!