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Oldest Temple

This Taoist temple is over 300 years old. It is quite popular with the fishermen as they believe praying there will bring them luck.

Ferry Ride

Took a 5 minute ferry across the harbor to walk around and see the oldest temple in Kaoshung.

On to the Beach

We made a stop after the museum to see the black sand beach. I found a few sea shells for Emily.

A Lot of Stairs

To get to the museum, we took a winding path around some houses. To get back to the bus, we went out the back door and down all these steps.


On the peninsula where we started the former British Consolate building has been converted into a museum explaining the history of British relations to the island.

The Rest of the Harbor

The last side on the harbor faced back at the city. Our hotel is the second tallest building (just to the left of center).


Overlooking the harbor and the many container ships that come in and out.

Kaoshung Harbor

Went down to the harbor to start our tour.


I forgot to take a picture of dinner. We ate dumplings and spring rolls, family style. This was dessert from the hotel bakery - raspberry chocolate cake!

Guard Dog

These are found by all the doors of our hotel.

Taoist Temple

Conversely, Taoist temples are open to everyone and are much more ornate than the Buddhist temples. This pagoda is where worshipers burn money for their ancestors. We're guessing it's not used much as the hot dog vendor has camped out right in front of it.

Buddhist Temple

Located across the street from our hotel. The Buddhist temples only allow buddhists in to worship so there is a guard posted at the entrance to make sure any non-believers are turned away.


Our hotel boasts a Hello Kitty car and suite. We speculate that if you book the suite, they drive you around in the car.


For Emily

My View

I'm on the 32nd floor with a view of the harbor from my window..

New Hotel

We've arrived at the Grand Hi Lai in Kaoshung.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting on the Train

Here we are as we get on our high speed train to Kaoshung.

As We Zoom Past...

Here's a snapshot from the train. We're moving really fast so it's hard to get a focus on any one thing. We ride mostly above ground but go through tunnels in the mountains and have gone under some waterways.

I Love Flowers

Couldn't resist taking this one because I love flower vendors. This stand sold fresh cut amaryllis as well as bulbs.

Mr. Donut

The train station is also a mall. There were a lot of places to eat. Next to Mr. Donut was a Starbucks.

Riding on the Train

Traveling by train today to get to our destination. This miniture train is right outside the station.

Diamond in the Rough

Went on walk-about this morning with Ann. We did a loop around a couple city blocks. Found this amazing temple as we turned one of the corners. It's amazing to see such a colorful and intricate structure among all the office buildings.

My Room

Pretty basic but the bed was soft.

Back at The Landis

Spent our first night in Taiwan at The Landis, the super-cool art deco hotel we've been to before.

Back in Taiwan

Over in Taiwan again. They've moved all the fun statues out of the main lobby and placed them around the airport.